Welcome to the Art program at St. John School!

Our program offers Art to students in Kindergarten through 8th Grade.

The elementary level focuses on introducing students to many mediums while learning about lines, shapes, drawing, composition, color and painting. We use pencils, markers, crayons, chalk and oil pastels, watercolor and tempera paints, collage, clay and art from nature.

The intermediate grades focus on drawing skills and design, shading, personal creativity, improving technique with all mediums in addition to paper mache, clay and a more in-depth understanding of color.

Middle school students, in the IB program, are encouraged to start identifying and experimenting with different styles and be able to critique a work of art based on elements of art and principles of design. They will study values using charcoal, work more 3-dimensionally with wire, plaster and mosaics. They work collaboratively on group art projects and make a positive impact on the school and local communities through their art.

All grades learn about and emulate the work of a master artist each year, in addition to creating art inspired from another culture.

Student artwork is used to help celebrate many occasions in the school community including Halloween, Christmas, Earth Day, Catholic Schools week, school fundraisers, the middle school play and more.

Our program focuses on the process of creating art more than the end product.

It is structured to encourage creativity, build confidence and allow individual expression while learning the fundamentals of art.

Students are encouraged to be self-directed, try new things and learn through their exploration.

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