In music class, students enjoy playing educational games, watching interactive videos with the Quaver curriculum, and studying a variety of musical topics to stimulate the mind and the imagination!

Students will also participate in several group and individual activities that include: Composition, Creative Movement, Music History, Styles and Composers, Musical Instruments, Music Theory, Praise and Worship Singing Theatre, World Music

Pre-K and Kindergarten

  • Students will enjoy playing a variety of instruments made especially for them and learn basic concepts while playing with their friends in this fun, engaging class filled with singing and dancing!
  • Pre-K and Kindergarten perform at our annual tree lighting ceremony in December.

1st and 2nd Graders

  • Will be introduced to hand bells, percussion instruments and xylophone as they begin their journey learning how to read and interpret musical notation.
  • The 1st and 2nd graders participate in our Christmas play each year along with 3rd grade.

3rd-5th Graders

  • Will start the Recorder Karate program and begin intermediate hand chimes, as they continue to put their music theory skills into action.
  • The 3rd grade performs in our Christmas play, and 4th and 5th graders provide music at the Catholic School's Week picnic in the spring.

6th-8th Graders

  • Will begin with guitar and piano and continue with intermediate hand chimes, studying various musical concepts with these instruments.
  • All 6th-8th graders are required to participate in the spring musical as a part of their final exam grade.